Saw Videogame Screenshot

Konami has released several screenshots from their forthcoming video game version of the popular Saw movies (head over Clanbase's website for the rest). The company took over the project from Brash Entertainment after the developer went bankrupt a few months back. Konami is hoping that Saw will become a successful game franchise, one that rivals their own Silent Hill and could potentially go toe to toe with Capcom's Resident Evil.

Clanbase, who scored the screens, also chatted a bit with Konami's Director of Marketing David Daniels. Daniels explains the decision to go with Saw and what gamers can expect.

"Because we have leadership in the survival horror genre, we're passionate about it and wanted to find another property on par with Silent Hill. Saw has grossed over $600 million worldwide and sold over 16 million DVDs, so we felt like it was a great opportunity to align ourselves with one of the most successful horror film franchises in history".

Silent Hill is more about psychological terror, but Saw for us is more about graphic, intense horror that overwhelms you. We want players to turn away from the screen for just a moment because of the visual intensity".

Saw Videogame Screenshot

Whether the game succeeds or not remains to be seen (we've still seen no in-game footage yet…), but the title is scheduled to debut in October—in the same time frame as Saw VI. The game will be available on the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Find more on The Horror Geek blog.

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