I'm not ready to eat crow about Dead Space: Extraction yet (I was pretty hard on it for being an on-rails shooter—making me think it was basically another dumbed down version of a popular franchise for the Nintendo Wii), but I will say that with each new clip and trailer I see, my opinion of the game seems to improve. That may not mean a thing in the long run (because we've all seen great clips and trailers and then played a retail version of the same game only to find out it sucks…), but I like to be honest—and right now I'm getting a positive vibe from the game.

This new clip (running just over four minutes) talks about the characters in the game and shows off some more gameplay. Interestingly enough, the characters on display in the clip look identitical to their voice actors. I don't know that I can recall another game where that's ever happened.

Dead Space: Extraction is set to invade stores on September 29th.

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Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken

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“Interestingly enough, the characters on display in the clip look identitical to their voice actors. I don’t know that I can recall another game where that’s ever happened.”

Half-Life 2 is another example, actually. The actors for the most part resemble the people in the game (or, well, actually the other way around.)

Mike Bracken

Thanks for the extra footage, Vince. I haven’t watched it yet, but I’ve seen so many clips about the game at this point that there’s probably no real reason left to avoid the spoilers.

I think it’s okay to be disappointed (as I was) that the game is an on-rails shooter, but to single that out as a reason for giving the game a lower score seems to miss the point.

Here’s some additional footage videos. Don’t watch if you don’t want spoilers… Chapter 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSmiRRWut8s Chapter 3 http://www.wiitalia.it/2009/09/24/dead-space-extraction-tgs-2009-chapter-3-gameplay/ A number of reviews have hit the net today too. Seem to mostly glow about the game. One negative a review had was it was on rails… That’s kinda like marking a negative against a fighting game because its a fighting game. Maybe the way to look at it is if they took Street Fighter and turned it into a platformer, then marked against it because it was a platformer, even if the mechanics were solid. Still doesn’t make sense to give… Read more »