I posted a developer's demo for Konami's Saw videogame a few days ago, but it didn't have any actual combat footage in it. Here's a different clip from GameTrailers, complete with a look at how you'll be fighting your way through and a very unpleasant surprise.

Gamers will be able to decide if they want to live or die this October.

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Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken

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Mike's childhood was spent playing videogames any time he got a chance. His parents had a Pong console and his grandmother had an Atari 2600, where Mike cultivated his skills by playing hour upon hour of games like Space Invaders, Berserk, and Asteroids. From those early experiences Mike learned one thing: he loved games.

In 1999, Mike became a staff reviewer at Cinescape Magazine's website where he spent a year learning the craft of game criticism. After internal changes led to Mike leaving Cinescape in late 2000, he joined up with RPGFan in 2001 and spent several years writing reviews for them. Happy, but looking for an opportunity to expound on a wider variety of titles, Mike joined GameCritics.com and hopes to help Chi, Dale, and the rest of the GC staff bring a higher level of respect to the field of game criticism.
Mike Bracken

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Mike Bracken
Mike Bracken
12 years ago

Yeah, I’m with you on all counts, Dan. I couldn’t really figure out how or why they’d add combat to a Saw game, and then seeing it in action made me feel like it’s something that needs a lot of work before October.

The exploding head is definitely the highlight of the whole trailer. It’s hard to go wrong with that sort of thing.

Daniel Weissenberger
Daniel Weissenberger
12 years ago

But when I saw that it was going to feature ‘combat footage’ I had to check it out. My initial assumption was that combat had as much place in a SAW game as combos do in a Silent Hill game.

Nothing I saw in that video disabused me of this notion.

In fact, the only thing I was left thinking was that even if they massively clean up all the animation by October, I still wouldn’t be excited about the prospect of playing that.

And then it ended with an exploding head, which won me back just a little.