My brain tells me that I should be guardedly optimistic about the prospects of an Aliens vs. Predator game (the movies haven't exactly managed to take advantage of the awesome potential of this idea…), but my heart—well, my heart's already convinced this is the greatest thing since porn.

Sega and developers Rebellion showed off the game at E3 yesterday and you can have a gander at it below.

Players will be treated to three campaigns in the game—one as a human, one as an alien, and the third as a Predator. Naturally, each race will have its own strengths and weaknesses and class balance would seem to be a key issue (if the aliens and Predator aren't fun to play, this game will not do well). Players will take control of each faction at different points in the narrative (which involves an alien temple with an angry queen, space marines, and a Predator hunting expedition).

Expect more on this title as we get closer to its 2010 release date. Until then, enjoy the trailer. Aliens vs. Predator will be available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC

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Daniel Weissenberger
Daniel Weissenberger
13 years ago

I flat-out like Rebellion, even though they’ve never made a ‘great’ game.

Being a 2000AD nerd I enjoyed the Judge Dredd game, I thought the Rogue Trooper game was the best of the kill.switch ripoffs, and despite numerous game-breaking flaws I loved the sniping in Sniper Elite.

They’ve done enough really good things that they’re due for a great one. I really hope this is it.