This magical week of E3 goodness is drawing to a close (which is sad…), but that doesn't mean I have nothing left to show you before normal life resumes its relentless attempts to crush your very soul.

For example, here's Tecmo's new PSP title, Undead Knights. One common refrain over the years from gamers has been "hey, why can't we play games as the bad guy?" No one ever gives  a satisfactory answer for why this is (and to be fair, there have been some recent games where you can play as the villain), and now gamers who want to explore their dark side will have another opportunity to do it when this game eventually hits shelves.

Basically, a family of three is killed for daring to speak out against the new queen. They make a deal with a demon, though, who resurrects them and grants them the power to turn their downed enemies into zombies. Said zombies are then unleashed upon the living in a quest for vengeance. I suppose it's debatable if players are actually the "villains" of this game, but turning the living into the undead isn't exactly your normal heroic behavior under any circumstances.

At this stage, it appears as though players will be able to control up to ten zombies at once and use them as fighters or as a puzzle-solving mechanic. According to IGN's early look at the game (which also features a bunch of screenshots), they can be tossed at large enemies in order to weigh it down (making it easier for you to then run in and bring the pain) or lined up to be utilized as undead bridges or ladders. Sounds pretty cool.

Undead Knights is due out later this year. Have a look at the game's trailer (above), which is sadly devoid of actual gameplay footage.

Find more on The Horror Geek blog.

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