Electronic Arts' been cool enough to share another new Developer Diary for their forthcoming action game Dante's Inferno. This one is entitled "Anger", and as you might have guessed, it's all about how Dante will bring the pain to Hell's minions.

I'll let the clip speak for itself, but the crew behind the game spends roughly five minutes talking about Dante's Death Scythe melee weapon, how they came to choose it over a more traditional sword, and the benefits of the Cross magic combat system. Interspersed with that is a lot of gameplay footage to whet your appetite.

In a somewhat unrelated note, kudos to whoever is responsible for making these clips. Unlike most game developer diaries, the director and designer for these ones have done a really nice job (come to think of it, they did a nice job on EA's Dead Space: Extraction clips as well) of making these things visually interesting through the use of backgrounds and lighting. It's nice to see clips where it isn't just some developer sitting in his office talking to the camera.

Back on topic, we'll all get our tickets punched for a journey into the bowels of Hell this coming February when Dante's Inferno debuts on the PS3, PSP, and Xbox 360.

Read more on The Horror Geek blog.

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