Film Critic Roger Moore (of the Orlando Sentinel) has sparked a mini controversy in his Max Payne review. The blurb quote for the piece, posted at Rotten Tomatoes, says the following:

"As good as a couple of its action beats are, Max still suffers from the heartlessness that makes games emotionally inferior to movies. Nobody ever shed a tear over a video-game character's death."

Max Payne

Naturally, both sentences are pretty inflammatory to gamers, who've taken him to task in the comment section. Moore, who's no stranger to controversy (he earned Kevin Smith's ire a year or two ago) has yet to respond, but this clearly looks like another case of a guy who hasn't played a game since Space Invaders commenting on a medium he has no clue about.

You can follow the comments (which have been fairly civil so far—although that seems likely to change) here.

Mike Bracken

Mike Bracken

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Mike Bracken

Yeah, FFVII seems to be an example everyone cites. I think it’s pretty clear he hasn’t played a game since the days of Pac-Man.


Speaking of Final Fantasy, someone’s never seen Aerith die…

Daniel Weissenberger

That’s just idiocy – I know it brands me a nerd (and a sap) to say so, but when you spend half an hour trying to stave off the doctor’s death fin FF3 and he dies anyway, I bawled like an infant.