According to ESRB, this game contains: Comic Mischief, Mild Violence

Despite the Teen rating, parents really shouldn't be too concerned to let the younger ones in on the action. There is no blood or gore gushing from characters, and no one dies. In fact, the violence doesn't move much beyond what one finds in the standard afternoon cartoon. See the game in action for yourself before making a decision.

Diehard Nintendo fans will want to pick up this title. The game comes packed with video game nostalgia, like secret characters, fighting arenas and trophies of old Nintendo characters and items.

Multiplayer GameCube owners should also consider Melee as a serious choice. The game supports several multiplayer scenarios for the Versus battles. Four people can battle at once, with different conditions for each match. For those who usually find themselves gaming alone, rent Melee first and see if you like it. The single player Adventure and Classic modes don't offer the same kind of fun found in the multiplayer modes. While the Adventure mode does tout about side-scrolling levels, there really are only three or four stages in which this feature applies.

Single players have the option to face off against computer controlled opponents in the Versus mode, but the Smash Bros. series is best enjoyed with friends.

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