According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents may want to think twice about letting young children play TimeSplitters 2. Although it has cartoony graphics and practically no blood to speak of its depiction of violence can sometimes be brutal. Heads pop off of corpses and people burn alive, so be warned. Also, there is one level in particular that depicts what may or may not be an act of sexual violence. Although I believe the implication is that what you are seeing is, in fact, not what it appears to be, the fact that it's ambiguous at all may be good reason to give parents pause. because of its tight and enjoyable design, although players expecting or demanding something with the revolutionary stature of Halo will probably be disappointed.

Fans of FPS may love TimeSplitters 2Fans of GoldenEye and Perfect Dark will probably like TimeSplitters 2 since it carries on the strong points of those games effectively, although some may be put off by its decidedly more simplified gameplay design when compared to Perfect Dark.

Fans of multiplayer FPS' may find TimeSplitters 2 to be a jolly good time. Its unique variety of locations, weapons, and characters makes for hours of wacky fun, while its easy-to-use level editor will give the more creative players the opportunity to design their own missions for single-player or group play.

Finally, fans of pulp genres who enjoy tongue-in-cheek humor may like TimeSplitters 2 quite a bit, but those looking for anything resembling a serious story should stay away.


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