According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood, Violence

Parents should be aware, however, that the game is very mature and frequently grotesque, including beheadings, mutilations, and other unambiguous expressions of violence that are unsuitable for children.

Fans of the original Soul Reaver might have mixed reactions to this game, depending on whether or not they find the puzzle-based gameplay as sloppy as I did. If you enjoyed the original game's reasonably balanced gameplay, Soul Reaver 2 might disappoint. However, if your tolerance for taxing and redundant exploration is fairly high and you want to know what happened after the end of the first game Soul Reaver 2 will probably be a worth-while experience.

Fans of the Kain series mythology as well as the characters of Kain and Raziel are sure to be enraptured with the plot of this game, as it single-handedly breathes full life back into the series that seemed to meander in Soul Reaver.

Fans who remember the original Blood Omen will be especially rewarded as the plot actually involves several crucial elements of the series first installment and seems designed with these players in mind specifically.

DVD fans, however, are in for a real treat. The Soul Reaver 2 DVD contains outtakes, voice-acting sessions, and countless other bits of production extras guaranteed to satisfy fans above and beyond the call of duty.

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