According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood & Gore, Animated Violence

Parents should definitely know that this game is focused solely on guns, killing, and countless images of splattered guts and gore.

Multiplayer gamers will not be pleased by Unreal Tournaments controls. The Dreamcast controller is simply not suited to this type of game, so split-screen action is not a selling point.

Dreamcast Q3A fans, however, will have a blast with this one, as it features tons of levels, modes, and mutators that give the game a lot of lasting value.

PC gamers have no reason to give this a second glance, considering that the PC version is better in every imaginable way to this port.

Broadband gamers will need to buy a Sega Broadband Adapter to play using high-speed internet access, but since Sega isn't selling it anymore, good luck finding it, let alone paying the $100+ asking prices on the market.

Gamers on a tight budget beware, for Unreal Tournament plus a mouse/keyboard combo will cost at least $60.

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