According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Violence

Parents, under no circumstances, should allow their children to play State Of Emergency.  The game comes loaded with blood and gore, and it entails references to street gangs, hate groups and terrorism in general—a touchy subject of late.  State Of Emergency more than earns the "mature" rating, and there are many other titles better suited and more fun to play for younger gamers.

Fans of recent Rockstar-published games beware. State Of Emergency is not the love child of Grand Theft Auto III and contains nowhere near the amount of gameplay depth and variety found in last year's release.  It is best to rent this title, as it will quickly become uninteresting after satiating one's curiosity about bloody riots. "Beat-'em-up" gamers might also want to look into State Of Emergency as a rental.  It's a very stripped down fighting game, and most of the gameplay emphasis falls upon using different weapons.  This aspect can get a little frustrating, but boredom will probably set in long before frustration.

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