According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents may find this title a little to brash for their younger children. The title's protagonist does swear mildly, and gamers will spend the majority of their time slashing away at humanoid enemies. Along with this comes the severing of hands and arms, but the game does not include decapitations. Additionally, gamers can choke enemies to death in a rather gratuitous manner.

Star Wars fans should look into this title. This is one of LucasArts few offerings that actually do well in capturing the essence and power of the force.

Platformer and First-Person Shooter fans should give Outcast a chance as well. There are enough elements from both genres' to please each genre's fans.

PC gamers will want to stick to the PC version of this game. The console versions are noticeably weaker graphically and the keyboard makes it easier to access items and force powers quickly.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers will be disappointed by Outcast's lack of subtitles. The entire story (told through cutscenes) as along with some of the amusing in-game banter overheard by non-playable characters is entirely voice acted with no option to turn subtitles on.

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