According to ESRB, this game contains: Animated Blood, Mild Violence

Go ahead and give Star Fox Adventures to the kids, parents. There is nothing in this game that isn't on the Cartoon Network. Since this title is so similar to Zelda titles, if you feel okay about letting your child play one you can feel okay about the other one. Star Fox shows no blood-letting, no foul language and only mild martial arts-style violence.

Star Fox fans should treasure this title as both a great adventure game and a rare gem. You probably always thought it would be cool to see what Fox and his buddies did besides fly those Arwings and this game focuses exactly on that aspect. It does a little better job of developing the Star Fox characters, since the gameplay isn't as fast-paced and action oriented.

Die hard fans of Star Fox and the way previous Star Fox titles played shouldn't ignore this title. However, you should be forewarned that the Star Fox name is misleading. This game emphasizes on-foot adventuring rather than in-space blasting. In fact the main area in which the game lacks comes from the traditional Star Fox levels, which appear sporadically as an excuse to get to some points in the story. Most of the shooting levels last either under a minute or just over a minute. Getting your kicks with classic Star Fox gameplay with have to way until Namco's traditional Star Fox title is released in the near future.

Fans of adventure games have to try Star Fox Adventures at least once. It may not stand out as one of the more unique titles you've ever played, but the game does everything about adventure gaming well. Controls are responsive, using items is quick and easy and even the camera system doesn't present much problem in viewing the action.

I'd only stress Star Fox Adventures as a rental if you plan on giving it a test run. The game is pretty long, longer than what most gamers have with allotted game rental time. It's definitely a game worth purchasing, especially for GameCube owners.

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