According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents should be aware that there are is some pro wrestling-type violence to be seen, but its done in a rather humorous fashion; the rest of the game has no really questionable content to speak of and it should be fine for gamers of nearly any age.

Fans of sports games will enjoy Blitz as it is a football game at its core and does use real NFL teams and players.

Fans of arcade games will probably be familiar with Blitz and will likely feel at home with Blitz's action-focused gameplay.

PlayStation 2 owners who are looking for a lighter alternative to simulation-heavy games like and Madden 2002 or NFL 2K2 might find Blitz to be a good alternative.

Multiplayer fans will have a blast with Blitz's tournament mode or just talking trash to opponents while hitting them late on the field.

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