According to ESRB, this game contains: Strong Lyrics, Violence

There's no blood or guts to scare off parents, although there are a couple swears sprinkled among the 30-song soundtrack, and you are required to fight the police, which might be troubling to some.

Jet Set Radio Future defies a true genre classification: I guess it could be called a extreme-sports platformer. But for being a pure sensory pleasure, gamers of all ages and predilections will enjoy it.

Fans of the original might be a little disappointed about the radically different slacker structure of the game, as Ive seen while surfing some Xbox boards, but many will be satisfied.

Hearing-impaired gamers will have no trouble with the basics of playing Jet Set Radio Future, as almost everything is subtitled, but without hearing the mind-blowing soundtrack the game might lose some of its charm.

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