According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents won't find anything particularly objectionable about Confidential Mission, unless they find the game's focus on shooting guns offensive.

Gamers without light guns will want to avoid this like the plague. The Dreamcast controller is simply not suited to the fast-paced and reflexive nature of gun games. Both the Madcatz Dream Blaster and the Interact Starfire Blaster provide superior arcade-style control. If you do purchase these peripherals, those interested in a quality light gun experience on the Dreamcast will want to pick up The House Of The Dead 2, a shooter that tops Confidential Mission in almost every way imaginable.

Playstation owners looking for a top-notch title in this genre will want to pick up Time Crisis.

Only the most hardcore light gun fans would be advised to purchase this title although it is priced as a budget title since it has little in the way of replay value, even for a gun game.

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