According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents will not have anything to worry about here. Spider-Man contains no blood, gore or excessive amount of violence. In fact, this is probably a title I would recommend as a good action game for anyone.

Spider-Man fans will definitely want to try this game, if only for a rental. It does justice to the movie and even, to some extent, the cartoon show. One should keep in mind that Spider-Man is a rather short game in length and this fact will often prevent people from actually purchasing a game.

Metal Gear fans might be interested in this title for its stealth missions. Although not nearly as sophisticated as the overall concept of Metal Gear, these levels are still worth a look for anyone craving espionage action.

Fortunately, this is a multi-platform game and anyone owning one of the next generation systems will be able to play Spider-Man.

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