According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence

Parents need to be attentive of Ghosts To Glory for young children for two reasons. One comes from the somewhat mature themes and scantily-clad women running through the game. The other is the general difficulty, which might be discouraging to younger gamers who haven't played as long. Most of the violence in the game comes in a more comical approach, but not quite in the same manner as some parents would appreciate exposing their child to. There is no drug-use or profanity to speak of, but Ghosts To Glory does use some semi-religious undertones that may be offensive to some. Overall, I would recommend this title for gamers 12 years and up.

Gamers ready for some of the "old-school" challenge they remember from yesteryear should give Ghosts To Glory a try. Some may get by with renting it, but anyone who enjoys a particularly challenging game will want to add this to his or her library and keep it for years to come.

Regulars to 3D platform games should also treat themselves, as it stands out as something different from the standard gameplay involved in similar titles. However, be warned that it is easy to become frustrated with the game's difficulty at some points.

Gamers with short tempers and those who discourage easily might be better off to stay clear of this title. However, anyone willing to endure the frustrations of a genuinely challenging game will find Ghosts To Glory is the first title worth its salt in a long time.

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