According to ESRB, this game contains: Blood and Gore, Violence

Parents don't have to worry too much about this game. It's violent and it involves shooting people, but never in a gratuitous manner. In fact compared to other games like Tenchu, The Mark Of Kri or the Metal Gear series, Sam Fisher is considerably more compassionate than the protagonists of those games. However, the concept of the Fifth Freedom, the freedom to do whatever necessary to protect the freedom of others, should be explained to children.

Stealth fans may find this a worthy purchase. Though it offers less freedom than in some stealth games, the abilities and tools at your disposal will make your mouth water at the prospect of an open-ended stealth game utilizing similar tools. If anything, the playfulness involved with distraction cameras might make it worth it. But there is little incentive to replay the game after beating it. There is an Xbox Live feature allowing you to download new levels, but reportedly that won't be ready for a while. Anyone used to the aiming abilities of most first-person adventure games will have to adjust to the game's aiming system.

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