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Last few days I started with a bit of Marvel Puzzle Quest, and I am not quite understanding what’s happening on the screen some times. But it’s colourful and makes waiting times go away 😉 An App I’ve looked at last month was Polytopia, a mobile version of Civilization in a sense. It is focused on a few key elements (there is no diplomacy to speak of, and tech trees are very limited as well), enabling a player to complete a full game in relatively short time. In that sense it’s a bit more like a classic boardgame, with limited… Read more »

Nioh! I spent quite a lot of time with the latest and greatest from Team Ninja. Having my fun with bosses:
…and with exploring the maps, and just playing the game. Gameplay is a lot of fun, so that I don’t mind that much when assets are re-used more often than they really should be. Early contender for my game of the year.

Also started Yakuza 0, which I am looking forward to coming back to after I finished Nioh.

Josh C.
Gaming ADD has ruled my February. I’ve mostly devoted my time to Yakuza 0 which is awesome; truly the best in the series so far. I’ve been breaking up those long play sessions with a bit of Gravity Rush Remastered to get ready for Gravity Rush 2 when I finish Yakuza. I’ve been trying to finish up Steins:Gate 0 on Vita, but I’ve had a hard time finding appropriately lengthy chunks to play that in. And I’ve been playing small bursts of Mercenaries Saga 2 on the 3DS which is a good little TRPG especially for $5. See, way too… Read more »
Daniel Weissenberger

Playing Berserk, which is a solid Musou game with a story way more intense than I was expecting. Just… yikes for every single character in that story.


I just finished Mankind Divided today. Can’t fathom how anyone could give the game high praise. It has shoddy animations, lip-sync issues, poor level desire across most missions, and a shallow narrative. Glad I didn’t buy it!

I’ve been working away from home a lot this year so far, so not very much. And what I have played, I haven’t liked very much. However Nioh is looking promising; I’m expecting to get a lot of time with it over the next few weeks. It’s a pretty good game so far (I’m three or four bosses in). The levels themselves are pretty decent/easy to get through, while the bosses are TOUGH. However there always seems to be a way to make each boss a little easier to deal with, whether that be via cheesing (Nue) or keeping them… Read more »
Brad Gallaway

Three months of Let It Die and now headlong into Horizon: Zero Dawn. Both awesome.


I really hated the aesthetic of the Let It Die demo. Gave up pretty early

Richard Naik

Finished off my Dark Souls replay, then gave VA-11 HALL-A a spin. VA is a nice visual novel, and that’s coming from someone who normally doesn’t like those.

Other than that it’s been a lot of Overwatch.


Resident Evil 7 and all of the DLC. Madhouse difficulty is killer!


Hitman. Again and again and again and again. Also, again. In addition, Hitman. Again.