Since the successful launch of Mortal Kombat 11 in April of this year, the fighting game franchise continues to hit new strides as it gets closer to its 27th anniversary.

The same can also be said for New Line Cinema’s reboot of the Paul W.S. Anderson directed 1995 movie — the crew has just cast Joe Taslim for the role of Sub Zero. He is best known for his debut as an actor and martial artist in the hit 2011 film from Indonesia, The Raid.

Produced by James Wan (Aquaman and The Conjuring) it will also be the film debut of commercial director Simon McQuoid. The film is currently set to start shooting later this year in the southern area of Australia.

— Michael Baginski

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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Eddie B. Dude

Why am I reading this entertainment news story here in gamecritics?

Please don’t turn this site into or any other content farm.

I know you guys love this site just as much as you do and you want to help it become bigger. But please don’t go to that direction.

Brad Gallaway

Hey Eddie!

This is good feedback. We hear from some folks that they wish we updated more often, but we’re currently reviewing at max capacity. One idea was to do brief news pieces to keep the site looking fresh on non-review days. If we only ran news on days when no reviews were ready, would that be OK? Or would you rather we run no news at all? All feedback welcome!

Eddie B. Dude
Eddie B. Dude

Hello my good sir! Man, after reading your reviews for years, I feel like I know you, Dan, Mike, and all the regulars here like good old friends. But I especially appreciate your work Brad, I think you give this site a very unique direction and keep folks well organized. You guys have a good, mature team of writers that produce their work as a hobby, not as a “job”. You are not getting paid by advertisers, so you have the liberty to cater to a different audiences, with different tastes. More nuanced, more sophisticated, I dare to say, audiences.… Read more »

Brad Gallaway

Hey Eddie! Thanks for the kind words, they are much appreciated, and thanks for being a reader! It’s good to know we’re not flinging reviews out into a void. ^_^ I appreciate the feedback and we’ll see if other folks have comments, either yea or nay. Currently, the plan is to keep on doing what we’ve been doing review-wise but we have had several requests to update more often, and one of our writers (Michael) enjoys doing news, so we’ll try to find a happy medium here. Nothing’s set in stone and we’ll test the waters, but rest assured the… Read more »