Filed on August 27th by former Gearbox lawyer Wade Callender has requested sanctions against Gearbox Studios’ CEO Randy Pitchford, as well as accusing him of contempt.

The plaintiff is making this accusation due to alleged “discovery abuse” and failure to provide documents required by the courts.

In addition to this, the plaintiff has also accused the CEO of harassment, secretly taking millions in bonus money, and possessing underage pornography on a usb stick also holding confidential company information and left unattended in a restaurant in 2014.

– Michael Baginski

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

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3 years ago

I think Randy is one of the biggest crooks in the industry. Terrible business ethics and social graces…

I mean, I have no sympathies for the guy, but I also think that last paragraph sounds complete BS.

So, somebody claims they have found a flash drive in a public area that definetly belongs to Randy, and it also happens to contain confidential company documents as well as incriminating pornography. Five years later, somebody else obtains this flash drive, and incorporates it in their own seperate lawsuit.

A lot of coincidences.