On Friday, March. 11th, an 8.9 earthquake hit Japan (epicenter off the coast of Sendai) and triggered a tsunami. After the chaos abated, the videos, pictures and figures illustrate the destruction that hit Japan.

  • 10,000 feared dead
  • 1,596 Confirmed death toll
  • 12,000 Rescued so far
  • 590,000 Evacuated from their homes since the earthquake struck
  • 215,000 People sheltering in makeshift rescue centers in the worst hit
  • 1.4 million without water

The Red Cross has two ways for you to help. One is to click the link below and select "Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami":


The second is to simply text REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation to help relief efforts.

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12 years ago

I’ve seen a handful of games raising money for this good cause. GardenMind (on Facebook) is another one worth checking out.

12 years ago

Let’s face it, no matter how great the human tragedy, if we are honest, somewhere deep down, we are fascinated, awestruck, even excited by the visceral nature of the disaster, unfolding before our very eyes. It’s like all the disaster movies rolled into one with earthquakes, tsunami, fire, whirlpools, nuclear fallout. What chance a typhoon next? Our media has been dominated by these shocking images and videos since Friday. So much so that even sites that otherwise have little to do with general news reportage, such as gamecritics, simply cannot resist the temptation. Is this a slight dig? You betcha.… Read more »