Putting the Break in Breakfast 

HIGH Quirky humor with a silly tone.

LOW Multiplayer feels tacked on.

WTF Why does bread pudding explode?


Toast Time: Smash Up! is a combination arcade shooter/multiplayer brawler.

In single player, players follow Terry (short for Toast Ejecting Recoil & Reload System) in its quest to save breakfast as we know it by shooting bread at white blob enemies who are trying to attack Terry’s clock… and that’s about the extent of the story. 

Of course, being an arcade-style game, it’s all about building a high score by shooting enemies and crates. As it’s blasting, Terry recoils from each shot and is thrust around the arena. Players can utilize a “anchor” mechanic that will hold Terry in place for a small amount of time until the anchor breaks, or they can account for the recoil and aim appropriately. Crates that Terry shoots will drop a different weapon — one option may be bread crumbs which act like a machine gun, while bagels fire a shotgun blast.

The humor is a standout here. All weapons are bread-based and each group of levels has their own food-inspired name like “As The Dough Flies” or “Pan De Muerto”.  Toast Time also allows players to customize their version of Terry with ridiculous costumes like one that sports a top hat and a candy cane. It’s all cosmetic, but ties into the premise and style. 

The multiplayer is less arcadey and more of a party brawler. Players attempt to shoot each other with bread in a constantly changing level — every shot is a one-hit-kill, and players can choose how many rounds to win. There are a few options to modify what appears in each level like more crates appearing, a different time limit, etc., but other than that, the sparse multiplayer options feel not only limited, but almost an afterthought.  

Toast Time is a good fit for the Switch. It’s nice to play in bursts, the humor is amusing, and the levels available give the game plenty of challenge without being unfair. However, it would be better served by offering more missions for the singleplayer campaign instead of putting resources towards the lackluster multiplayer mode. Even so, I’d call it a worthwhile addition for the Switch library — it’s a simple arcade experience, but does what it does well.  Rating: 6 out of 10


Disclosures: This game is developed and published by Force of Habit. It is currently available on Switch. This game was obtained via publisher and reviewed on Switch. Approximately 4 hours were spent in single player mode, and the game was completed. Around 1 hour was spent in multiplayer. .

Parents: According to the ESRB, this game is rated E . It’s an arcade shooter about a toaster shooting bread at blobs that explode into pixels. Approved for all ages.

Colorblind Modes: There are no colorblind modes.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Gamers: There is no dialogue in this game and no audio needed for play, so the game is fully accessible

Remappable Controls:  There is no control diagram and the controls are not remappable. Players use the analog stick to aim, R/B to anchor Terry in the air, and A to shoot.

Eugene Sax

Eugene Sax

Eugene grew up playing other people’s videogames. He didn’t have his own console for some time, and has many memories of playing games his friends owned and beating them. Once he saved up enough money, he finally bought a Sega Genesis secondhand and started a gaming library of his own.

While Sonic and Street Fighter were great places to start, his first love was Final Fantasy X when his dad bought a PS2. Ever since, that love for gaming has evolved -- there are a number of game worlds out there, and he intends to explore them all. RPG to horror, platformers to casual and everything in between -- if it’s available, he’ll play it.

While his time is short between writing reviews, tabletop gaming, and attempting to start a cheesecake business, he has caught all 806 pokemon and can speedrun Star Fox 64 in less than 40 minutes. He’s always looking for new things to try and new challenges to conquer. You can find him on Twitter -- @eugene_sax.
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