Hi Everyone! Eugene Sax here with a preview for an upcoming game called Haste.

Imagine — a combat card game where players choose three heroes to fight against another player. Each person can pick from a total of 9 characters, each with their own unique deck of cards. Instead of the card game being turn-based, each player will play in real time, throwing out attacks, defenses, and traps as quickly as they can draw them. Sound like fun? Then make sure to give this game a closer look.

In Haste, players take their chosen heroes and fight to defeat their opponents. Each deck will come with light and heavy attacks that all characters can use, and five unique cards for each hero on the player’s team. The strategy element mostly comes from the placement of each hero. Characters can move between the front and back lines of the fight. While in the backline, heroes will slowly regain some of their lost health, but their hero-specific cards can’t be used.

Each hero has a unique gimmick that makes them play just a little differently from each other. The dark knight character is focused more on putting up protective barriers that deal damage back to the attacker, while the ice golem focuses more on slowing down opponents and slowing enemy card draws. Another character is the only one with a ranged attack that can hit the front or back of the enemy lines, and can specifically attack through barriers the enemy places.

Haste gets off to a very promising start, even with the small amount of content that’s here. There is an issue with the AI doing matches back to back, but that’s a minor gripe, and currently the online servers seem a bit inactive, so I haven’t had a chance to really get into it with another player. Even still, I love how quick it is to get into the game, and how each character combination feels unique.

I can’t wait to see what else this game has in store as it develops, as Haste has a planned release date of March 2022.

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