Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST is an asymmetric multiplayer game where five scavengers are attempting to deliver to blood banks scattered around the arena while avoiding the single hunter that’s trying to kill them.

Each map is randomly generated before each match. Hunters get 20 seconds to go into the field and start finding blood and marking resources before the Hunter is allowed into the deathgarden stop them.

Scavengers should work as a team to help each other survive, and each has their own ability. One class allows a player to create a clone of themselves to distract the hunter, while another can lay down smokescreens to block vision and give others a chance to escape. They can also mark the locations of ammo and health, or even mark the Hunter location.

However, the hunter has their own bag of tricks as well. They can hack resources, revealing scavengers if they try to gather the crates. Hunters can also use a shock ability to paralyze scavengers, and use a supercharge ability that grants significant movement speed and jump height increase. 

If a hunter can down a scavenger, they can execute them to remove them from the competition. If the match timer runs out or the scavengers gather enough blood, exits will open for characters to make their escape. They’ll have to run fast, though — this also reveals all scavengers for the hunter to find.

Deathgarden: BLOODHARVEST is currently in Early Access, but it feels like it’s already starting strong, apart from needing a bit of work to speed up character unlocks. Even though I’m utter garbage at these types of experiences, I’ll be eager to give it another go as it develops.

On the game’s Steam page, the developers have currently estimated the game to be in early access for the next 6-12 months.  

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