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WildArts Studio Inc and Dear Villagers present Born of Bread — a turn-based RPG with obvious inspiration taken from games like Paper Mario.

Players take control of Loaf, a magical boy made of bread who unexpectedly appeared when Papa Baker tried something out of an old recipe book. The two get caught up in a strange turn of events as a group of purple punks storm the Queen’s dinner and cause an explosion that sends both of them into the wilderness. While trying to get back home, they come across a creature named Lint who is lost in this forest. The three set off to get back home and figure out what these purple strangers want with their town.

Players get to explore a colorful overworld filled with strange and exciting creatures. As they wander, Loaf will find hidden items and treasure by smashing their trusty ladle into things. Players will also normally have a buddy with them who also helps in exploration — for example, Lint is good at digging, so they can remove dirt mounds blocking the path forward. There are other environmental elements as well, which can change how players explore — like a press that will flatten Loaf to get through gates and hidden tunnels.

Combat is turn based, and each turn players swap between party members while fighting enemies. Each character has unique weapons an abilities, and each attack has a mini game attached to it. Players may have to time a button press to get extra damage, or hold the button and wait for a meter to fill up, for example. Players can also take less damage from incoming attacks if they time their blocks right — again, these systems take much inspiration from RPG systems like those seen in Paper Mario and the like.

There’s something to be said about a well made RPG. Born of Bread might not be pushing any boundaries — at least not in the demo content I saw — but it does what it does very well. It seems to be a solid RPG experience with good humor, bright and colorful characters, solid mechanics and more — and it’s one I plan on picking up when the game is fully released.


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