According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence.

Parents might want to think twice about Whiplash. It's morally ambiguous messages about animal cruelty might not be the best thing for impressionable young minds who don't yet understand the concept of satire – and the game is weak satire at the best of times – one of the main characters is a rabbit on a chain who gets dragged around and used as a weapon.

Sensitive people might protest the nonchalant way Redmond gets abused. He's a hardy little bunny and the game tries to be cartoonish about the violence, but nevertheless the main premise of the game is for a rabbit to get treated in ways that would quickly kill the animal in real life. Over and over again.

Fans of platformers will find that the premise of using rabbit as a weapon quickly wears thin, and were it not for the graphics, the rabbit could be substituted for any number of generic platformer items.

Deaf and hard of hearing gamers will miss the rabbit's repertoire of curmudgeonly comments that get tossed out every so often, but this is not a big loss. The actual in-game goals and plot advancements are presented in the form of email messages are therefore completely accessible.

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13 years ago

I really think that most of these restrictions are ridiculous at best. Whiplash is really not that big of a deal.