According to ESRB, this game contains: Violence.

Parents shouldn't find anything objectionable about Praetorians since it emphasizes the strategy of war as opposed to reckless slaughter.

Fans of strategy games will find Praetorians a worthy challenge that is less accessible than games like WarCraft and more aimed towards the hardcore war gamers who are excited by the idea of mastering all the intricacies that the game has to offer.

Those with an interest in Roman history will not be disappointed by the level of detail and historical accuracy that Praetorians provides, even if the barest of creative license has been taken all the same.

Deaf and hard of hearing gamers will miss out on musical and vocal cues that are used to signal the acknowledgement of orders by units as well as when combat is engaged or towns are attacked. I found no indication that the game offers sub-titles. A poor effort in this department.

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