We are reaching into the listener mail bag again! We learn Brad's favorite food, and what game is like Amelie…if Amelie could fly! Also, Special guest Christopher Floyd stops by to talk in his Irish accent. Oh yeah, we also talk about what we've been playing and have a lively discussion about the Steam Box! With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard "Sexiest Thumbs Alive" Naik, Special Guest Christopher Floyd and Dylan Collins.

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Richard Naik

Hi TickTock, I actually haven’t played the port (or Dark Souls at all) but I brought it up as an example of a traditionally console-only game being brought to PC. I was actually scared off of buying the PC version by a lot of bad reports from friends. That sucks that you has such a bad experience though.

Just wanted to comment on the quality of the PC port of Dark Souls. Richard put this port into context with “good PC ports”, which are supposedly hitting the PC market. I don’t know what version you were playing, Richard, but for me this was one of the biggest pieces of crap i have ever played, and this is coming from a guy who played MGS2:Substance and Resident Evil 4 with mouse and keyboard (and enjoyed it). If you don’t know what i am talking about consider yourself lucky. This port was so bad I actually had to hook in… Read more »
When I read rumours of Valve developing a pseudo-console I immediately felt that it could lead to the demise of so many things gamers are sick of, namely non-competitive prices of digital games compared to physical (success would surely remove the grip of retail over publishers), and the lack universal, free, online play between consoles (a Steam Box would link console gamers to PC gamers). However, once it was pointed out that there will be various versions of the hardware I just sighed. What’s the point of having various versions of – what I assume – is supposed to be… Read more »
Chi Kong Lui

One thing that didn’t occur to me until after the recording is that the cost of PC games are deflated due to the splintered marketplace and lack of uniformity/development of the platform. If Valve is going to be a serious player in the console business, then they are going to need to reinvest in the platform and that’s going to lead to higher prices for games.

I also wanted to add that David Sheff’s Game Over is the first time I realized that video games were more than just games and had cultural relevance.