In this episode, Brad is freshly back from PAX Prime and gives us the low-down on what he saw there. We then go into a huge, spoiler-ridden discussion of The Walking Dead Episode Three. Don't worry, we tell you before we start talking about it. Stop being paranoid. With Chi Kong "Mr. C" Lui, Brad "Richie" Gallaway, Mike "Potsie" Bracken, Richard "The Fonz" Naik and Dylan "Arnold" Collins.

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8 years ago

I have decided to download the game as soon as I reach home, because I am using a shared computer at the moment.

8 years ago

Hey, nice episode. I feel that putting the Thumbs up/down segment in the middle of the show is quite refreshing. It serves as a needed break from the videogame talk. Specially with these 2hs+ episodes, I think you should consider keeping it there.