In this episode we have a good old fashioned "What have you been playing?" Discussion. We then have a debate sparked by an email over Sniper Elite V2 and round it all out with some thumbs! With Chi Kong Lui, Brad Gallaway, Mike Bracken, Richard Naik and Dylan "I have no witty nicknames" Collins.

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6 Comments on " Podcast Episode 77: What We’re Playing, Is Sniper Elite V2 too Violent?"

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Mousse Effect
Hi guys, As it was just pointed out, It seems that you guys took the easy way out by not addressing the most extreme examples given by the e-mail such as the question of a potential child porn simulator. Should that game be legally sold ? Because if we follow the consensus of the crew, in “theory”, it seems that way. It’s easy to say that there shouldn’t be any censorship while giving mild examples of video games that are already self censored according to their audience’s tastes. I feel that your opinion on the matter will only be complete… Read more »
Btw, in the Netherlands, freedom of speech means one can say a lot, almost anything. But it only goes so far that, when a point is reached where the content of the message (in which artform it is presented doesn’t matter) makes other people use violence, or calls for violence by other people, is in fact not allowed. One could say that glorifying violence, or causing extreme damage to other human beings (or animals) via visually explicit means of images/video, is indeed indirectly promoting and/or might lead to the use of violence, in a real world setting, by other real… Read more »
Thanks for the podcast! Interesting. I like sniper games, (Chi) but to see the actual damaging results, in all it’s gory details, isn’t so much confronting/contradictive as it is unnecessary. Yes, I do have a problem with being confronted with horrific details of exploding testicles and all kinds of shit to this specific detail, because A. I am playing a game for fun, and B. there is no point in it. I don’t think gameproducers should give that message (that letting organs explode is fun) to (young) gamers. In general I am against censorship, but for me the line is… Read more »

Nier. Which also should be banned! Gruesomely violent. (just kidding)


Great podcast guys.
A quick question, Mike you mentioned two critically games that should be purchased, one was Binary Domain, what the other? I didn’t quite catch it. Was it “near”? I can’t find anything about it so I obviously misheard.

Hey all- I really loved the podcast. The thoughts about violence in games were very interesting and were a real highlight of the podcast. It was great to hear open, intellectual, opinionated exchanges that did not devolve into a talking heads, yell-fest. I would love to hear you all tackle these more challenging issues using a similar format. It was thoughtful, engaging and deeply respectful of the question, the questioner and each other. I know that when I play games, I need a layer of abstraction over the violence. I don’t mind “killing” in a game as long as it… Read more »