*sigh* I can't believe that I have to even talk about this. But it's time the Internet grew up.

It's time once again for David the Grammar Nerd. This post is not so much about grammar as it is touching on how to accurately express yourself.

Whining – This is one of the first things people claim others are doing when dealing with someone who disagrees, or asks anyone for help. (Also, this is a great opportunity to slaughter a spell checker by telling someone not to "wine;" last time I checked a calendar, we weren't in the 1920s.) Instantly jumping to conclusions about someone's motives is erroneous at best, and more often, is laughable.

Swearing – Would you like to ensure that, no matter how accurate and cogent your argument may be, nobody will ever take you seriously? Throw a few F-bombs in there, and I guarantee that your words will mean a whole lot less.

Adding "lol" to a post – Replace "swearing" from the paragraph above with "lol" and it has the same effect.

David the Grammar Nerd, Volume 2: NetiquettePointless Accusations/Libel – This applies a lot to game writing, but happens to anyone who expresses an opinion. I always refer to my Metal Gear Solid 4 review, where I was accused of being paid by Microsoft because I didn't give the game a ten. Please. If I was paid by Microsoft to write that review, do you think I would still be renting a house instead of owning one? I haven't had a personal libel experience, but it's come quite close to it.

Threats of Violence – This is where I definitely draw the line. There are a lot of stupid people out there. But writing that you'll cut their throat, or tell someone to strangle themselves… At that point you're no longer a normal person, and should seek medical attention immediately.

The Internet allows people to communicate under the cloak of anonymity thanks to avatars and user names. I for one applaud GameCritics.com in forcing the staff to have to put their real names and faces out there so we can stand behind each and every word we write. Whenever I write anywhere about anything, I try to think before posting something I wouldn't say to my best friend.

The lack of integrity of most Internet users is astonishing. I wonder how these posters' employers would feel about their words. Or their mothers.

Remember, folks: Only you can prevent online douchebaggery. Please try to be part of the solution.

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