Batman has a famous moral code that keeps him from killing people, even ones as maliciously homicidal as The Joker. It’s presented as an integral part of his character, and a vow he will never break under any circumstance*.

Since the Arkham series of Batman games covers the Dark Knight’s career from the very start to its explosive finale, I thought it could act as a perfect data set to analyze, allowing us to come to a conclusion about Batman’s code against killing — is it a positive or negative trait? Does obeying it make Batman a good or a bad person?

In this video I thoroughly explore the cause and outcomes of his most profound oath, and offer a conclusion that will shock you**!

(* Unless he’s in Blackgate: Origins, where he kills a bunch of people)

(** It will probably not shock you)

Daniel Weissenberger
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Richard Naik
3 years ago

*also undoubtedly kills scores of people in Arkham Knight by running them over with the Batmobile