Batman has a famous moral code that keeps him from killing people, even ones as maliciously homicidal as The Joker. It’s presented as an integral part of his character, and a vow he will never break under any circumstance*.

Since the Arkham series of Batman games covers the Dark Knight’s career from the very start to its explosive finale, I thought it could act as a perfect data set to analyze, allowing us to come to a conclusion about Batman’s code against killing — is it a positive or negative trait? Does obeying it make Batman a good or a bad person?

In this video I thoroughly explore the cause and outcomes of his most profound oath, and offer a conclusion that will shock you**!

(* Unless he’s in Blackgate: Origins, where he kills a bunch of people)

(** It will probably not shock you)

Daniel Weissenberger

Daniel Weissenberger

What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died?

Nothing relevant to this conversation, that's for sure! Because we're here to talk about (sorry, write and read about, respectively) GC_Danny, who's updating this profile for the first time in thirteen years!

So let's take a gander back at that time and see what's happened! In addition to writing hundreds of video game reviews, Dan produced a book that can be legally purchased by almost anyone! He also wrote two short films, two episodes of television, and two movies! Although, sadly, and through much fault of his own, the movies have yet to be released.

In addition to general game reviewing, he's also dabbled in more long-form work, writing some of the longest and most comprehensive game reviews of all time. Then there's his non-GameCritics blogging, where he's famous as the world's foremost expert on the TV show Criminal Minds, as well as the co-host of a weekly podcast - he's even working on a new videogame/critical experiment, which you can find out more about here!

If all that wasn't enough, just a few months ago he rebranded himself as 'The Hidden Object Guru', hoping to stake another claim of ultimate expertise, this time over a genre of casual games! Will he be successful? Only time will tell, but you're free to join the thrilling ride at his YouTube channel!
Daniel Weissenberger

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Richard Naik
1 year ago

*also undoubtedly kills scores of people in Arkham Knight by running them over with the Batmobile