That’s right! It’s a giveaway!

Artifex Mundi, in addition to sending me a copy of Demon Hunter 2: New Chapter (yes, that’s actually the title) to┬áreview, sent along two Steam codes for additional copies of the game to give away!


Since I’ve never attempted to give anything away before, and am not entirely sure how contests work, we’re going to keep this simple! Just follow me on Twitter (@gc_danny – I can’t stress how important the underscore is there) and then send a tweet letting me know what your favorite Artifex Mundi published game is!

It’s really that simple – although remember, there are only two codes to give away, so if you’re interested, be sure to get on it fast!

If you’re curious about how the game plays, you can find my playthrough of it starting here!

Also, a review is coming soon!

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