When I gave Grand Theft Auto IV the insultingly low score of 85%, quite a few people suggested that I had some kind of a secret grudge against the game that kept me from giving it the glowing adoration that it so obviously deserved. Well, I'm finally ready to admit that yes, I did have a secret predjudice against the game, one that I'll reveal through the medium of crudely-edited video:


I doubt I can be much clearer than that.

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Eric W.
Eric W.
15 years ago

I spent half an hour trying to get a fuel tank to explode during my first session with the game too. D’oh. Maybe they’re planning to add ignitable fuel tanks for $1.99 as DLC.

I still enjoy it more than any other game I’ve played this year. I’m a sucker for atmosphere: even the random NPCs walking around Liberty City have more personality than, say, the citizens of Cyrodiil in Oblivion, with their four generic voices repeated over and over.