It's time for another HOGuru Preview! This time it's actually a Hidden Object Game! Will wonders never cease!?

Artifex Mundi was nice enough to provide a copy of Grim Legends 3 as part of their open beta testing program, wherein their fans play a slice of one of their new games and then fill out a survey about its content/playability. So there's really nothing exclusive about how I got the game – but AM was nice enough to allow me to post a playthrough video of  it, as well as some screenshots.

Obviously I'm not going to attempt a review at this early stage – the game is still a ways from complete after all, but as of right now I'm fairly impressed. The setting and characters are interesting – my first thought was that these roof-running monster hunters would best be described as a mixture of Castlevania and Assassin's Creed, but then they started calling themselves 'The Order' and I realized that AM were deftly ripping off that title, which is already kind of a combination of the things I mentioned.

While the premise may be overly familiar, what blew me away about Grim Legends 3 was how much AM manages to innovate within the HOG/point and click adventure genre. There's a great scene where the player must craft a plan to deal with a monster, rather than just have the game spoon-feed them the answer as part of the plot. There's one of the most visually interesting "hit all the points on a map without doubling back" puzzles I've ever encountered. The real stand-out, though, was the way the game kept managing to offer exposition during puzzles, including a wonderfully touching puzzle box that explains the relationship between two characters.

Check out the video for my thoughts on and experiences with this upcoming title!

Grim Legends 3 isn't available for purchase yet, but Artifex Mundi has plenty of other games on offer.

Daniel Weissenberger

Daniel Weissenberger

What can you say about a twenty-five-year-old girl who died?

Nothing relevant to this conversation, that's for sure! Because we're here to talk about (sorry, write and read about, respectively) GC_Danny, who's updating this profile for the first time in thirteen years!

So let's take a gander back at that time and see what's happened! In addition to writing hundreds of video game reviews, Dan produced a book that can be legally purchased by almost anyone! He also wrote two short films, two episodes of television, and two movies! Although, sadly, and through much fault of his own, the movies have yet to be released.

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4 years ago

I also noticed a very ‘Assassin’s Creed’ feel to the game. The rooftop running, the scaling large buildings, the name “The Order”, and even the classic ‘pull-your-hood-up’ moment. It’s still a very good game. The visuals are stunning and the game seems to take a step beyond being just another point and click HO game.