Videogame X-ray Screens

You're an X-ray Technician, you're bored and you love gaming… what do you do? You scan all of your gaming equipment from the NES Zapper Light Gun to the PlayStation 3 (80GB), of course!

We all know we'd do it too if we could. Growing up I had an intense urge to take apart my Atari 2600, NES, SNES and N64, but about all I could muster was the courage to open up my SNES controller. And that was largely because it was not working right.

Reinier van der Ende, the X-ray Technician, did what we wished we could but also managed to spare our warranties while giving us something really cool to look at.


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13 years ago

Nice pictures. He didn’t do damage to his PS3 or 360 by scanning them in an X-ray machine?