Whether it is the original Tron movie, its sequel (Tron Legacy) or video games based on the sequel (Tron: Evolution), the one thing movie goers and gamers always look forward to seeing are the Light Cycles. Those unrealistically aerodynamic and blisteringly fast quasi-motorcycles have not only cemented a place for themselves in science-fiction and video games, but popular culture in general. More than a few bike aficionados went home after seeing the first movie, to look disappointingly at their now obsolete motorcycles.

Now a company called Parker Brothers Choppers is making it possible for some of us to live out our childhood fantasies and actually ride a "recreation" of the virtual bike. However, fans of the original movie may be disappointed as these bikes are modeled after the new virtual machines from Tron Legacy.

But who cares? These models look sexy, powerful and extraordinarily cool looking, however impractical they may be to maneuver, maintain and own.

Four Light Cycles are available should you have $55K to spare.

Source: The Escapist Magazine

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12 years ago

wonder what german TÜV might say when you show up there and say that you have a slightly pimped bike. i guess the german carpenter with a jeep wrangler made of wood (except motor, drive and tyres of course), which was shown recently in TV here, will get easier a license to drive on public streets.

seems extremely cozy to sit…