Words can not begin to express just how much I truly want to play Team ICO's The Last Guardian. Playing ICO and Shadow of the Colossus evokes emotions I used to only have while playing the Legend of Zelda games. Now that Nintendo is running that series into the ground, all that are left are the Team ICO games.

From the first sighting of the boy's monster/pet/friend, I have been eager to jump into that world, explore its environs and see where the story will take them.

Below is the inevitable comparison between the leaked proof of concept video that made the rounds a few weeks back and the final trailer that Sony showed off at E3 2009.

The Last Guardian is set for release sometime in 2010. If the game is anything like the trailer, that will be a very long wait.

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Enrico Pallazzo
Enrico Pallazzo
14 years ago

I agree with you wholeheartedly. The trailer alone for “The Last Guardian” evokes more emotion from me than many full games. I never had a PS2, so I missed out on both “Ico” and “SOTC.” I recently acquired SOTC and played through it – what a masterpiece. Now if only I could find a (reasonably priced) copy of Ico…

But yeah – TLG looks to be a truly epic game and another gem from Team Ico. Can’t wait.