As nice as this trailer looks, it only reminds me that Sega still doesn't know what to do with Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sega wants so badly to fit Sonic into a large 3D world that it has forced him into games with hover boards, wolf transformation, giant swords and even guns. Fans on the other hand just seem to be begging for more of what they grew up on—2D platforming levels.

The compromise seems to be Sonic Generations, a game that is supposed to be an homage to the blue hedgehog in time for his 20th anniversary. Fans gets the 2D aesthetic and Sega gets to keep Sonic current with the 3D graphics and gameplay it has been working on for the past decade.

We'll only know when the game is released later this year just how successful Sonic Team has been trying to please two masters.

Source: YouTube

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