The new trailer for Grand Theft Auto V was revealed this week.

According to the trailer, the protagonist is a bad guy trying to get out of the life. Guess what? Things didn't or aren't working out. Cue music, explosions and car chases. 

If Twitter and random video game forums are any indication, the trailer has Grand Theft Auto fans excited.

For the rest of us though, watching the trailer might leave you with the realization that this is indeed more Grand Theft Auto. Maybe that's enough for the game to still be great. Or maybe there are indeed groundbreakingly new and exciting details that Rockstar is holding back for a later date. One can only hope so.

At any rate, the new game is coming. It's unknown what platform(s) it's being created for so Wii U fans can still hold out hope. No release date information has been revealed either although experts are predicting a Summer 2012 release.

Source: Rockstar Games

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11 years ago

I for one am excited about a new GTA. There is talk of multiple characters to choose from and a huge world. This is exactly what I am looking for when it comes to Rockstar’s GTA games. As long as they don’t go all dark and gritty with the story and environments I will be there on day one to pick it up.