I'm not much into the college marching bands, I don't watch college football and no matter how amazing some say Drumline was, it has never occurred to me that I need to watch a marching band actually do anything.

This is a different matter entirely.

The Ohio State University pays tribute to beloved classic video games (and Halo) during the half-time show at the Ohio State University vs Nebraska game. Games honored at the show were Tetris, Pokémon, Super Mario Bros., Tetris, Halo, The Legend of Zelda and Pac-Man. Try not to jump out of your seat and cheer when Epona makes an appearance.

Sources: Joystiq, YouTube

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11 years ago

This is unbelievable. I was ready to take you to task for dissing Halo, but when I thought about it I find it funny that the only way the band could represent Halo to where fans would know what it is is with the games logo. They could have tried to make a master chief helmet but those in attendance might confuse the master chief helmet for a firefighter’s helmet. 🙂 Iconic game characters work best. Also some people are complaining about the lack of PlayStation love. Some want Dante (Devil May Cry) and Kratos (God of War) and Nathan… Read more »