Was Kinect just the tip of the iceberg? I sure hope so. Microsoft Research's Applied Sciences group looks to be creating some truly impressive solutions to interacting with displays without the need of a traditional input device like a mouse or pointer.

Source: YouTube

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The stereoscopic segment of the video was interesting but head-tracking systems are buyable for years now and the 3D-input looked liked it need some more years to be of any use, when real 3D images can be done in Star Wars manner.
No real improvement to anything we already have.
At least i prefer to hold something while controlling something on screen and take advantage of real precise devices like my Spacepilot.


1. This is amazing.

2. It would be even better if they filmed it using a headcam (or just got Kinect to track the camera for a minute).

I imagine this will be useable quite soon, but for the tech to be polished and the price to come down… well that could take quite a while. Even longer as Microsoft Reasearch has some form for never quite ‘sealing the deal’ on their projects.

Think tablets, for example… great concepts, years and years ago, but Microsoft never really moved them forward once they’d proved the technology, and now someone else has stolen their thunder.


I need this now. Like right now. I have issues with wiimotes and playstation moves. The wiimote and move feel imprecise and awkward in my hand after a while and for the games I want to play these days being able to gesture with my hands or my body is much easier. Think Joy of painting where I would want to paint with hand gestures and not by holding a playstation move or wiimote.

I guess the jury’s still out on Kinect. Judging by the homebrew stuff out there, that tech has a lot of untapped potential.