So all of these years that Mario and Link—and by Mario and Link I mean me—have been devoting themselves to rescuing these ladies and it turns out they don't even appreciate it?


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I felt bad for peach after the other video you posted where she was happy to see Mario come to her rescue only to see him turn back to play the levels he skipped. She just wanted to get out of there because there was no toilet where Bowser kept her. lol Now I don’t feel so bad. I do want more “princess” games. No princess dress-up games please. I meant some full fledge adventure titles. Zelda as Sheik would be great. Maybe a Lara Croft- or Beyond Good & Evil-type game? And put Peach in a 3D adventure. Or… Read more »

I know exactly how you feel. 🙂

For me the whole princess thing though has lost its charm. It’s time for the ladies to grab a sword or fire flower powerup and get out there and take care of themselves. Maybe its time for a new series of games starring the princesses (Super Princess Peach) or at least put them in the adventure (Sheik in Ocarina of Time).