Perhaps this was Microsoft's plan all along with the Kinect. Let hackers, modders and tinkerers do all of the work selling the capabilities of its new "controller" and sit back and do little or nothing to help its own cause. Going by the dearth of system-selling first-party Kinect software, that is the only conclusion I can come to.


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12 years ago

With all due respect to previous negative comments (, often it’s not the functional quality of the product that’s the game changer but the vision. Personal computers existed long before the Apple Mac rebranding. Operating systems existed long before Windows. While not having tried Kinect itself, I have been mightily impressed by the marketing, especially the vision of office workers using this technology in 4-5 years time. Dale’s piece further underlines why Kinect is so important. Sony’s eye-toy may have similar functionality, but Sony’s take on this type of technology was always limited to it being an advanced gaming device.… Read more »