Was this an argument for silent protagonists or against? Because it can go either way.

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Comparing Crash to Poochie only shows you haven’t ever touched any of the games, or haven’t got a clue what the character is like at all.

If there’s a Poochie in the video game indutry, It’s Sonic.


I can’t believe Crash Bandicoot was ever a popular character. Sony was so desperate to have a mascot to take on Sonic and Mario that it snatched up one of the most obnoxious looking and sounding characters ever. He is the Poochie of videogame characters.

As for the silent protagonist thing. I think that a character should only talk when he really has something to say. Jak doesn’t need to talk when he has Daxter. Sort of like that. Leave the leading character silent unless you are aiming for realism like L.A. Noire or Alan Wake.