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2 Comments on "Video: CollegeHumor presents The Jersey Shore RPG"

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Dale Weir
I have to give the CollegeHumor guys credit for really nailing this video. That they went to the 16-bit Final Fantasy games for inspiration just made it that much better. I watched the first season of The Jersey Shore when it came out–it was a car wreck and we all stop to stare at car wrecks. It was awful, but watchable. I was actually thinking about tuning into the second season. But the idea that these kids are being paid to show up at places and be utter jackasses, ie themselves, makes me resent them and the culture that catapulted… Read more »

This needs to be a videogame, only it must, must, MUST make fun of that stupid band of losers. It’s not like The Situation TM or JWOW has any say right? MTV can just make it and they have to live with it.