Fans of G4TV's Olivia Munn that just can not get enough of the sultry looks she gives into the camera, her flagrant use of double entendres and propensity to don costumes taken out of every teenage boy's cosplay fantasies can finally see her in all her glory—if glory is another word for bikini.

Yes, Ms. Munn is giving her massive following another thrill as she poses again in Playboy and graces the cover in a skimpy red bikini.

The issue went on sale this Thursday, June 19th. Below is the reveal so you know what to look for.


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Dale Weir
Dale Weir
14 years ago

I just can’t figure why Playboy put her on the cover.

I know that Playboy has been trying new things to boost readership, but is some hottie from the G4 network going to do sell issues?

Whatever. She seems awfully proud of it. Must be her life’s dream.

Mike Doolittle
Mike Doolittle
14 years ago

Bikini? Bikini? It’s freakin’ Playboy. Maybe she should stick to Maxim.